Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy with the lower numbers.

I am so happy to report that as of this morning I weighed in at 374.4 down almost 10 pounds from my last post. This is just with taking my medication and being able to do some of the housework around the house. My back pain finally subsided which was just a big knot of tissue in my back that needed a little help releasing.

This morning was the first day that I really got some housework done besides doing dishes, or folding laundry. The upstairs is pretty clean but the downstairs needs some tender loving care. Will get to that in the next couple of days while preparing for Thanksgiving. Again thank you all for the support you continue to give me.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ups and Downs

Hello everyone just a update since it has been so long. My lowest weight so far has been 360. It was all going well until August hit and we found out our insurance had been cut off. Some of you may know my husband fell back in February at his job and ended up with a total quad tear which needed an operation right away, and left us living on Workman's comp. Well in August they laid workers off so our insurance ended leaving me and my husband without a way to get our medication, without letting other bills like rent get behind.

We chose to go without our medication. We applied for medicaid but it took until October 1st for it to kick in, and November 1st for our new insurance to start up, which left me without medication, and therefore all of the pain came back as well as all of the other side effects of Fibromyalgia. With that the exercise stopped and the pounds started to come back topping the scales at 394, yet the biggest I have ever been.

Last week was the first time since I had started my medication back up that I saw the scale move which was down 9lbs. So currently I am at 385. Yes a bigger number and new starting point, but the scale is going back down which is what we want.

There needs to be a way for people to be able to get their medication so that when their insurance is canceled they do not have to be put in a situation like our family was. Luckily no one got ill or hurt during the time we did not have insurance, but what about those out there that have no insurance and have cancer, diabetes, or other life threatening illnesses. They need to be able to get their medications, see the Dr. and not have to worry about if they are going to pay their rent or get their medications each month.

It is just sad that people have to make those choices. I am thankful we were able to get assistance and we are back on the mend. Keep our family and all of those out there who have illness in your prayers that they are able to get the medical care they need to be stronger, healthier, and happier. Everyone deserves to live a long and happy life.