Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Surprise the scale is a little lower.

First of all I have to say I am very happy with the results of taking my medicine and the weight coming off and hope to keep seeing the numbers get smaller but didn't think I would be back so soon for an update. As of this morning I am at 380.8.

I keep telling myself every ounce I take off is that much better for my body, and moving will be easier as well. I thank all of my followers for their support and hope that others will never give up the fight to lose weight. Everyone has to find something that works for them, and for me at least so far it was taking medication for my Fibroymyalgia.

I will ride this weight loss as for as it will go and hope that my energy to move will increase as the pounds come off.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lower number on the scale

I am so excited to report that I am down to 382.1 as of this morning. I had a lot of stress this week but made it through with the scale being lighter, which doesn't happen often. I love to rely on chocolate when I am down. Would love to be back down to 360 like last year and continue to see lower numbers over the next year.

With my currant knee injury I see even a greater need to lose weight. I was able to get outside and start the ground for the garden. Our rake was cracked and while working on the compost pile it snapped off the rest of the way, so we need to find a new one. Hoping to get to breaking up the soil tomorrow and maybe even planting if all goes well.

Until the next check in wish me luck! Good luck to all who are reading that are also trying to lose weight.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Knee injury and weight up date.

I wanted to stop in and give a weigh in update. I am at 386 even as of yesterday. We have been so busy with the kids, finals for Dennis, and then last week I was in the store and went to move in a different direction and I heard something pop in my knee.

My knee was quite painful for a few days so I rested, elevated it, and only walked when I had to. Today I was able to get my merchandising job done as well as go to my daughter's choir concert. It doesn't feel a hundred percent but it is no where near as painful as it was.

I think the knee just might have just been sprained or something but will monitor it just in case. So the numbers are still moving down so that is good news all the way around. On top of the knee I have been feeling dizzy and nauseous. It has regressed a bit so I hope to be able to move a bit more now that that seems be settling and my knee is on the mend.