Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

Today I was able to get on the scale and low and behold it said 386.7. We are still seeing lower numbers so glad, every pound I take off is less weight on my joints and bones, which I am hoping will mean less pain in my body overall.

Yes today is my birthday the big 4-2 but it doesn't really change much. I am still me.

Our kitty Winchester had to get in on the picture too. He is just a little over 5 months himself.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Starting all over again.

So here I am almost 6 months later and boy what a ride it has been. Shortly after my last post our medical changed over from medicaid to a HMO and they refused to pay for my medication and the Dr. was forced to prescribe other medications.

The first made me so sick I couldn't even get out of bed other then going to the bathroom, and the pain was worse instead of better so we stopped that and started another medication which took away some of the pain but made me really mean. I had finally had enough when one day I had lost it so bad that I almost hit my daughter, and I don't mean just a spanking, I was ready to really hurt her.

Thankfully I was able to stop myself and took her in my arms and said I was stopping my medicine and calling the Dr. After a call to my Dr. the nurse called back and said they would try again to get the insurance company to approve my medication with the new results from the other medications but there might be a chance they would deny it and all I would be left with would be pain management.

So the wait began and a few weeks ago my insurance company called me and said that my medication was approved for a year, which really made me happy, so happy in fact I was crying with relief. Finally I could take the medicine again that was working, but then the thought came what happens in a year? Not sure but we are taking it one step at a time.

I started my medication on the 18th and I started at 395.8 up again without the medication and less movement because of the pain. I am happy to report that I am now down to 390 and hoping to see the numbers on the scale to continue to get smaller.

Keep me in your prayers that the insurance company will keep paying for my medication and that I keep losing weight. I need this for my health and so that I can be here for my family for years to come.

I hope to be able to report back here soon with more great news.