Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week Two Mini Challenge

WEEK TWO CHALLENGE: Are you drinking enough water?? The process of burning calories requires an adequate supply of water in order to function efficiently; dehydration slows down the fat-burning process. Calculate how much water you need daily here based on your body weight, activity level and environment temperature. Remember, the more you sweat in exercise, the more water you will need to drink. Print out my chart to keep track of your water ounces throughout the week. Can you hit your water intake goal all 7 days in week two? At the end of the week, post a picture of your water chart in the FB Group Discussion. Source

This is one of the biggest challenges for me. As I have said before I drank at the most only a couple of cups a day, although I drink diet soda, and tea. When I went to use the calculations it wouldn't do someone who weighed as much as I did so I had to find another site which you can find here, that will do us heavier people.

I was shocked to see I needed 191oz of water or roughly 24 cups of water a day. My 1-2 cups a day was no where near what I needed. I even kept track of everything I drank for the day and it didn't come to more then 8-9 cups, so this is something I will have to work really hard at.

I bought a water bottle that is just for me which has helped out a bunch. I just bought it last night hope the effects last a bit longer. I have been hanging at around 6-8 cups a day of water and today I am already at 8 cups which is really good for me.

If I meet the intake of 24 cups a day I will be very surprised but then again I have 13 weeks to get there and every time I lose weight I will have to drink less water so maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle along the way, and call it even.

Week One Mini Challenge

WEEK ONE CHALLENGE: Take the time to plan your Marathon Mission as you would a business plan. Grab a notebook, sit down and write out your plan. Take measurements and photos of yourself. As painful as this may be, it will be a rewarding comparison in 13 weeks. Define your goals. How is success defined for you? Is it purely scale stats or do you have measurement goals? Decide which method you're going to take to reach your goal. Are you counting calories, carbs, WW points or just eating right? Are you embarking on a specific diet plan - South Beach, Body for Life, etc? Schedule in your exercise... mark it on your calendar like a doctor's appointment. The more specific you are in your planning, the more likely you will succeed. Plan your work and then work the plan. Source
Of course I am a week behind in getting to this challenge. I had a whole other challenge to deal with. My computer had a major crash, and even though my husband was able to restore my computer, all of my photos, favorites, and emails are still sitting on disks that were backed up that my computer won't read in able to be restored. We haven't given up but looks like we may have to take it in so they can retrieve my information.

Ok my first goal was to get more water in my system. I am doing this slowly and the first step was getting myself a nice water bottle that is just for me. Second would be to get a little more movement in my day. Yeah the butt is a bit big from sitting on the computer typing away, ok and a few brownies over the years. I have been sick most of my life, and even though I have my good days. You know the days I try to do it all, there are just too many down days that ruin the few good days I have.

I am suppose to take vitamins every day and I forget a lot of the time, and even when I remember I just say I will take them tomorrow so that would be goal three. Some of my bigger goals for the year would be to lose my front butt like my other posts say, but 1/2 a year has gone by and nada so I will restart that from today's date and see how far I get in a year. Another short term goal would be for me and my family to make the hike up our near by falls. Everyone else in the family but me has been able to make the whole trip, and enjoy the sights. It might have been my fear of heights but I get about half way there and my face will be so beat red, my heart is racing, and I get dizzy. We end up turning back every time. I am bound to enjoy the beautiful views our near by falls offer. We live in a tourist area where people come from all over the country just to see it's beauty, while I live right here everyday and have never been able to see it, other then by pictures others have taken.

1. Down more Water
2. More Movement
3. Take Vitamins
4. Lose the Fron Butt
5. Make the hike to the Falls

For me being able to fit into some of my smaller clothes and being able to take that hike would be a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that I have made a better choice for my future which includes many more years with my friends and family.

Marathon Weight Loss Challenge

Hello everyone here I am again. I signed a few weeks back for the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge which includes losing 26.2 pounds over 13 weeks.

START - Monday, June 18, 2012
FINISH - Monday, Sept. 17, 2012
My first weigh in was on June 25th, 2012. 382.6lbs, not pretty at all, and like I said earlier in the year my goal for this year was to get rid of the front butt I grew over the last few years. Ok maybe a little longer but it has got to go.

I did the  Hydration Calculator Quiz and it told me I should be drinking 191oz or about 24 cups of water a day. I drink other liquids but only about a cup or two of water a day. I have been told to count all liquids I drink as long as they are not  caffeinated, or alcoholic. Then by others I have been told I need to keep my water separate, so I will be asking the Dr. the next time I see him which is right.

Below is a picture of what 24 cups looks like.

Of course for me to drink water I needed something special that was just for me. So last night when we went out shopping, I found the perfect water bottle which holds 32oz plus has a inner core that can be frozen to keep me drinking water all day long.

Here I am above chugging water, and below showing it off.

Today I had to step on the scale to see how I was doing, and you know what? I was very happy but weigh in isn't until Monday so you will have to wait a bit longer to see how I am doing, but lets just say. "It is going well"