Saturday, August 25, 2012

I wanted to do a quick weigh in

Life as you know is quite busy and even though I have been getting on the scale I just haven't gotten here to share with you. I am currently at 368.2 Whoot whoot. That is down from 382.6. I was stuck at about 374-376 for a while and I guess I finally broke out from that weight, although I wasn't sure about it. I did add in a few extra walks, other then that the only change I had made was drinking more water, so one step at a time.

Dennis is thinking about getting us a tread mill so that the girls can keep running, and I can keep walking come the colder months. Guess if we do that will be the big Christmas Present this year. Ok well that is it for this week. See you again on Monday, I hope.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 6 mini Challenge

WEEK FIVE CHALLENGE: Love Thy Self. Write yourself a Love Letter. This may sound corny, but please give it a try. Use this neat website here that lets you write your letter now and schedule delivery for a future date. This can help you focus right now, and again down the road. Here are some ideas on what to write...
• Tell yourself you awesome you are
• What are you fighting for? Why do you want to lose weight?
• What you've accomplished today, this week, the past month...
• Your strong habits, things you're good at
• What you love about yourself
• Words of encouragement to 'Lose the Marathon'
• How you are going to feel when you hit your goal? What are you capable?
• Be sure to thank your{future}self for taking the vow to change your life in healthy ways.
There is no need to share your letter with anyone else. This is a personal challenge that only you can benefit from. I hope you take five minutes out of your busy schedule to love yourself this week! Source
Will update later.

Weigh in

Sorry I didn't get a weigh in last week but we needed a new scale. I am happy to report that I am down this week to 374.4 whoot whoot finally. I have been quite busy and need to get to the last challenge as well as uploading the pictures form the 7 days journal. Things have been busy in Marksville. Hope to report a lower number again next week.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week Five Mini Challenge

So this week, I'm challenging you to create a Photo Food Journal... for 7 straight days. Take a picture of everything you eat. And I really encourage you to create a public photo album of your own. At the end of everyday, share your eats with your friends. Hold yourself accountable to every little morsel that goes into your mouth. As always, you are welcome and encouraged to share your personal experiences in our FB Group Discussion. Source
Oh this should be fun I will be sure to put up a link to the page where you can see my photos of what I ate each time. This might just work for me. You can find my food journal which will run from Today being Tuesday till next Monday evening at Pegasus72 Gather 7 day food journal photos.

Monday weigh in on Tuesday

Sorry I was a day late but with the heat I didn't get on here. I weighed in at 376.9 which is the same as last week. Like I said it has been hot so there has not been too much activity going on. I have been sleeping a lot but hope for a break in the heat so I can get moving. I am one of the lucky ones who get heat exhaustion, or heat stroke very quickly. My mother said it was because of my complexion. Who knows. I guess I need to come up with exercises that I can do inside the house when it is cooler at night. Although it really hasn't been all that much cooler, I will still have to push myself just a little harder and see if I can move the scale next week. Wish me luck.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Week Four mini challenge

WEEK FOUR CHALLENGE: Our actions are inspired by our thoughts. If we can change the way we think, we can begin to change the actions we take. So this week's challenge is a focused exercise on POSITIVE SELF TALK. Be your own best cheerleader and uncover some of your inner challenges that may be holding you back. No more excuses! Throughout this week, identify your negative thoughts and create positive self talk to battle setbacks.  Source

Negative thoughts:                                                   Positive thoughts:

I won't ever lose any weight.                                    I can lose a little at a time.

I ate too much.                                                        I will just scale a bit back at my next meal.

People saying things about my weight.                      Think of the positive things in my life.

Wanting to give up.                                                  I can get through another day.

This week I was sitting outside of my son's house while my daughter was using the bathroom, and Dennis was dropping off money for the T-shirts we ordered, and there were kids yelling at me "Hey Fat Lady stop looking at us". I hadn't even looked at them till they said it, but they kept chanting it, and you know what I let it get to me, and by the time Dennis and my daughter got back out to the van I was really upset about it. My husband knew something was wrong right away. It still bothers me, because people are always mean to each other. Doesn't matter if you are really thin because people will still find something to pick on you about. Made me want to give up all together, but you know what? I haven't I am still here and ready to take on the scale again next week.

Week Three Mini Challenge

WEEK THREE CHALLENGE: Too many times while dieting, we plan our healthy meals, but breakdown with hunger in the middle. Snacks are vital to keeping your energy up and controlling appetite between meals. A healthy low-calorie snack can get you safely from lunch to dinnertime without a chocolate raid. So this week's challenge is to create 7 different snack ideas that are appetizing to you. Keep them under 200 calories per serving. Be creative and yummy. Plan one for each afternoon (or morning) this week, so that you look forward to snack time. If you're on the go, package them all up so they are easily accessable. Please share photos of your favorite snacks in our FB Group Discussion. Source

7 snacks all under 200 calories? I think I can do this.

A apple or banana with peanut butter.

Carrots dipped in thousand islad dressing

Fruit salad

Rice cake, apple butter, and cottage cheese

Hummus and celery

hard boiled egg on slice of toast

Weigh in Monday

Hello everyone my weight for today is 376.9 which is up a 1/2 pound but it was vacation week with a trip to the buffet, olive garden, ice cream, wings, dunkin, donuts and a huge 4th of July party at my Aunt and Uncles house which included all of my family favorite foods that I only get once a year and haven't had for the last 4 years, so next week I will have to kick butt.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weigh In Monday.

Ok I made you all wait till today but cha ching I am down from 382.6 to 376.1 which is a total of 5.4 pounds. All I have changed so far is just drinking more water so that is a start. Let's see if I can keep the downward counter going. Thank you for tuning in and giving me support along the way.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week Two Mini Challenge

WEEK TWO CHALLENGE: Are you drinking enough water?? The process of burning calories requires an adequate supply of water in order to function efficiently; dehydration slows down the fat-burning process. Calculate how much water you need daily here based on your body weight, activity level and environment temperature. Remember, the more you sweat in exercise, the more water you will need to drink. Print out my chart to keep track of your water ounces throughout the week. Can you hit your water intake goal all 7 days in week two? At the end of the week, post a picture of your water chart in the FB Group Discussion. Source

This is one of the biggest challenges for me. As I have said before I drank at the most only a couple of cups a day, although I drink diet soda, and tea. When I went to use the calculations it wouldn't do someone who weighed as much as I did so I had to find another site which you can find here, that will do us heavier people.

I was shocked to see I needed 191oz of water or roughly 24 cups of water a day. My 1-2 cups a day was no where near what I needed. I even kept track of everything I drank for the day and it didn't come to more then 8-9 cups, so this is something I will have to work really hard at.

I bought a water bottle that is just for me which has helped out a bunch. I just bought it last night hope the effects last a bit longer. I have been hanging at around 6-8 cups a day of water and today I am already at 8 cups which is really good for me.

If I meet the intake of 24 cups a day I will be very surprised but then again I have 13 weeks to get there and every time I lose weight I will have to drink less water so maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle along the way, and call it even.

Week One Mini Challenge

WEEK ONE CHALLENGE: Take the time to plan your Marathon Mission as you would a business plan. Grab a notebook, sit down and write out your plan. Take measurements and photos of yourself. As painful as this may be, it will be a rewarding comparison in 13 weeks. Define your goals. How is success defined for you? Is it purely scale stats or do you have measurement goals? Decide which method you're going to take to reach your goal. Are you counting calories, carbs, WW points or just eating right? Are you embarking on a specific diet plan - South Beach, Body for Life, etc? Schedule in your exercise... mark it on your calendar like a doctor's appointment. The more specific you are in your planning, the more likely you will succeed. Plan your work and then work the plan. Source
Of course I am a week behind in getting to this challenge. I had a whole other challenge to deal with. My computer had a major crash, and even though my husband was able to restore my computer, all of my photos, favorites, and emails are still sitting on disks that were backed up that my computer won't read in able to be restored. We haven't given up but looks like we may have to take it in so they can retrieve my information.

Ok my first goal was to get more water in my system. I am doing this slowly and the first step was getting myself a nice water bottle that is just for me. Second would be to get a little more movement in my day. Yeah the butt is a bit big from sitting on the computer typing away, ok and a few brownies over the years. I have been sick most of my life, and even though I have my good days. You know the days I try to do it all, there are just too many down days that ruin the few good days I have.

I am suppose to take vitamins every day and I forget a lot of the time, and even when I remember I just say I will take them tomorrow so that would be goal three. Some of my bigger goals for the year would be to lose my front butt like my other posts say, but 1/2 a year has gone by and nada so I will restart that from today's date and see how far I get in a year. Another short term goal would be for me and my family to make the hike up our near by falls. Everyone else in the family but me has been able to make the whole trip, and enjoy the sights. It might have been my fear of heights but I get about half way there and my face will be so beat red, my heart is racing, and I get dizzy. We end up turning back every time. I am bound to enjoy the beautiful views our near by falls offer. We live in a tourist area where people come from all over the country just to see it's beauty, while I live right here everyday and have never been able to see it, other then by pictures others have taken.

1. Down more Water
2. More Movement
3. Take Vitamins
4. Lose the Fron Butt
5. Make the hike to the Falls

For me being able to fit into some of my smaller clothes and being able to take that hike would be a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that I have made a better choice for my future which includes many more years with my friends and family.

Marathon Weight Loss Challenge

Hello everyone here I am again. I signed a few weeks back for the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge which includes losing 26.2 pounds over 13 weeks.

START - Monday, June 18, 2012
FINISH - Monday, Sept. 17, 2012
My first weigh in was on June 25th, 2012. 382.6lbs, not pretty at all, and like I said earlier in the year my goal for this year was to get rid of the front butt I grew over the last few years. Ok maybe a little longer but it has got to go.

I did the  Hydration Calculator Quiz and it told me I should be drinking 191oz or about 24 cups of water a day. I drink other liquids but only about a cup or two of water a day. I have been told to count all liquids I drink as long as they are not  caffeinated, or alcoholic. Then by others I have been told I need to keep my water separate, so I will be asking the Dr. the next time I see him which is right.

Below is a picture of what 24 cups looks like.

Of course for me to drink water I needed something special that was just for me. So last night when we went out shopping, I found the perfect water bottle which holds 32oz plus has a inner core that can be frozen to keep me drinking water all day long.

Here I am above chugging water, and below showing it off.

Today I had to step on the scale to see how I was doing, and you know what? I was very happy but weigh in isn't until Monday so you will have to wait a bit longer to see how I am doing, but lets just say. "It is going well"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally got a weight update.

Sorry it has taken a while but I finally got a weight update and even though it is a lot since the last time I posted I did lose a little. I am down to 376 now. I will be seeing the Dr. later this month so they can try and figure out what is going on and I hope to be posting about some more weight loss in the near future. Remember I am working on my front butt. I want it gone.

Between being sick and taking care of Lilly I haven't really had much of a chance to get in any exercises above cleaning the house, grocery shopping, taking care of Lilly, or going up and down the stairs once a day. I will try to incorporate one more set of going up and down the stairs, and getting back into my daily yoga and back exercises to get me going again on the right track. Pretty soon it will be nice enough to start up walking again. Lilly will love the time outside with Grammy, and when I save enough to get the swing set for the kids it will be even better. More sunlight that my body needs.

I guess that is it for now until next time I will continue taking my vitamins, and drinking water.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Weight Goals

Hello everyone a new year and not much progress. I don't even know what I weigh right now, but I will be sure to weigh myself at the Dr.'s when I take Dennise in sometime this week. I want to up how many times I post here as I have really fallen off of the wagon and get my butts into gear. You heard that I am not sure when it happened but at some point, I grew a front butt. Something I told myself I would never let happen. Well it has and it needs to change pronto. Don't know how well I will do but we are going to give it the old college try. Just what does that mean anyways? I am not sure but to me it means giving it my all and succeeding in my goal. I don't know how much weight I would have to lose to get rid of it but I will know when it is gone.

I also signed up at a site called the Day Zero Project where you make 101 goals to achieve in 1001 days which is about two and a half years. One of mine was to lose the front butt, and then there were a few for up to 50lbs of weight lost, in 5 lbs increments. Well wish me luck and I hope this year is better then last, and yes I will update with my weight as soon as I can. I might be able to update tomorrow if our scale works I thought it might need new batteries, but then again I haven't gotten on it since August of 2011. My fault totally. Well until next time keep me in your
prayers that I will reach my goal one pound at a time.