Thursday, July 31, 2014

My husband's first time on the scale.

Sorry it has been a while been super busy here. I wanted to say first our home scale only goes to 400 lbs so my husband has not been able to weigh himself unless hew as at the Dr.'s that is until today. He weighed in today at 398.1. Give up the whoop whoops for him.

My daughter Dennise's last weigh in was 297, and mine was 378.6 as of this morning. The Dr. said it would be hard for me to lose weight because one I am a girl, my age, and because my kidney's just can not get rid of the toxins as fast as healthy kidney's which slows down the weight loss greatly.

So time to eliminate diet soda from my diet which will be really hard, but something that just needs to be done. After reading what it does to my kidney's on top of the damage I have had since I was a child, it has to go. I know when we have pizza I will want it really bad, but will try to do something else that is fizzy in our Soda Stream with healthier ingredients to appease my fizzy addiction.