Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally got a weight update.

Sorry it has taken a while but I finally got a weight update and even though it is a lot since the last time I posted I did lose a little. I am down to 376 now. I will be seeing the Dr. later this month so they can try and figure out what is going on and I hope to be posting about some more weight loss in the near future. Remember I am working on my front butt. I want it gone.

Between being sick and taking care of Lilly I haven't really had much of a chance to get in any exercises above cleaning the house, grocery shopping, taking care of Lilly, or going up and down the stairs once a day. I will try to incorporate one more set of going up and down the stairs, and getting back into my daily yoga and back exercises to get me going again on the right track. Pretty soon it will be nice enough to start up walking again. Lilly will love the time outside with Grammy, and when I save enough to get the swing set for the kids it will be even better. More sunlight that my body needs.

I guess that is it for now until next time I will continue taking my vitamins, and drinking water.

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