Friday, June 20, 2014

Losing weight here in Marksville

I didn't think I would be back this soon but here I am. My husband had to take my daughter to the Dr. today for her headaches so he stepped on the scale. If you remember he started out at 423 and today he is 416 so the water and diet is working. As for me I was at 379.8 the other day but with it being during that time of the month I can bloat up to 30 pounds so I won't be able to tell my real weight until a few days after. 

I am really proud of all of us. Even my daughter lost 16 lbs since the last time she was weighed at the Dr.'s, she is super happy as well. If she is comfortable I will add her weight loss to ours as well. She did inform me though that our scale weighs us at a pound more then the Dr.'s. 

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