Monday, July 9, 2012

Week Three Mini Challenge

WEEK THREE CHALLENGE: Too many times while dieting, we plan our healthy meals, but breakdown with hunger in the middle. Snacks are vital to keeping your energy up and controlling appetite between meals. A healthy low-calorie snack can get you safely from lunch to dinnertime without a chocolate raid. So this week's challenge is to create 7 different snack ideas that are appetizing to you. Keep them under 200 calories per serving. Be creative and yummy. Plan one for each afternoon (or morning) this week, so that you look forward to snack time. If you're on the go, package them all up so they are easily accessable. Please share photos of your favorite snacks in our FB Group Discussion. Source

7 snacks all under 200 calories? I think I can do this.

A apple or banana with peanut butter.

Carrots dipped in thousand islad dressing

Fruit salad

Rice cake, apple butter, and cottage cheese

Hummus and celery

hard boiled egg on slice of toast

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